Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Mary the small town girl who made it big!!

The following are the words of Mary's friend to me when in conversation with him regarding the signed book I purchased [ note alongside the book signature, is a signed photo from another source] signed by Mary in front of this person who bought the photo way back when,from her shop in Norbury London, consequential proof that this is Mary's genuine signature. not as some of the signatures that are supposed to be hers on this internet which are in my opinion fake or false.Anyway the previous owner of the book as shown here gave me permission to post this one piece on my blog, I did however 'speak' at length with him but he gave no further permission to copy and paste what we said.. so the piece he allowed me to post..

He said, when 'speaking' to me this,''Yes, the story about the film publicity shoot you are welcome to retell on your blog, however I would prefer not to have it attributed to me'' . ..

He went on to say the following when answering questions from a previous email [my email]. - Hi Ray [my real forename], yes our information is the same, well the scandal elements, but Mary was always very open. I remember once going around to her home to photograph her in a police woman's uniform for a forthcoming film. When I arrived a young couple were viewing the house which was up for sale at the time. They were extremely well spoken and left shortly after to go and talk to the young woman's mummy. Mary and I settled down to a drink and a chat before starting on the pictures and when we finished Mary started to dress, she had got as far as stockings and suspenders, her white shirt and police woman's jacket, both undone with her breasts fully exposed and her police hat on her head, when I heard the front doorbell. Almost instantly the door to the lounge was opened by the maid, and there stood the couple complete with mummy a stout mature smartly dressed woman with blue rinsed hair, all of them staring open mouthed at Mary's state of undress. The young woman stuttered and said in a faltering voice, "Ohhh I didn't know you were a policewoman". Mary replied giggling, "nooooo I'm not a policewomen, I'm an actress!" To the shocked onlookers. Mary wasn't in the least embarrassed, but I could have died.

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